One-year International Diploma in Speech and Drama

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One Year International Diploma in Speech and Drama (IDSD)

The Copenhagen Film & Theatre School (KFTS) offers a one school year (33 weeks), comprehensive Speech and Drama course that is challenging and uncompromising. Its intensive nature is designed to free your expression, liberate your voice, and introduce you to the acting techniques best suited for film and theatre. The course is a step-by-step process that continues from September to June designed to expand your range, versatility, and culminates in a final stage production and showing of your film work.

Unique to KFTS is our coaching program. To underpin and support the teaching, our curriculum includes a professional personal coaching strategy that runs seamlessly alongside the acting education. This is designed to give you the best possible outcome for your training, while developing powerful personal communication and a liberating self-awareness.

Our aim is to transform and enhance your individual talents by developing your voice, connection to your body, a stronger imagination and a freer personal expression. From day one, you will be taught by and collaborate with recognized teachers, actors and film/theatre directors from the Danish and international arts industry.

They exist within and work with the 6 core principles of the school:

EXPERIENCE: Tried and tested acting techniques for film, theatre and movement.

INNOVATION: New approaches to drama that are on the forefront of theatre exploration.

PROFESSIONALISM: Only the best teachers with real experience in the performing arts industry.

COLLABORATION: A network of industry professionals that furthers the students access to the professional industry.

LIFE COACHING: Workable methodologies that allow a student to let go of their limitations in order to create stronger artistic and learning potentials.

ARTS MANAGEMENT: Vital PR and time management skills necessary to understand what it takes to succeed in the film and theatre industry.

The first year, considered a foundation year, is designed to provide a solid platform for the student to reach a state of intellectual, physical and emotional skill.

This takes the following four basic forms:

  1. Skill and Technique: Teaching for the Stanislavsky System, Method acting, Meisner Technique, Devising and Film production generate in the student a foundational knowledge of film and stage acting.
  2. Body and Movement: Through Dance, Yoga, Physical Theatre, Improvisation and Stage Fighting the student builds a greater Mind-Body connection.
  3. Coaching and Attitude: Through Contemporary Coaching, NLP, Socratic Dialogue and the BodyWeather process, the student develops responsibility and a strong capacity to learn.
  4. Voice and Vocal Production: Through the five processes: Breath; Initiation; Phonation; Oro-nasal Process; and Articulation, the school teaches vocalisation techniques that create a healthy and powerful voice.

*  Changes and variations may occur.

Period 1 Sep-Oct 6 weeks ODC + CC + Physical Theatre, Improvisation, Devising, Vocal Training
Period 2 Nov-Dec 7 weeks ODC + CC + Introduction: Stanislavsky, Scene/Mono & Stage Fighting
Period 3 Jan-Feb 6 weeks ODC + CC + Introductions: Method, Meisner & Shakespeare
Period 4 Mar-Apr 7 weeks* ODC + CC + Film Technique 1, Film production
Period 5 May-Jun 7 weeks* CC + EOYP & EOYF

ODC = Ongoing Daily Classes, CC = Contemporary Coaching,
EOYP = End-of-Year Production, EOYF = End-of-Year Film
* The weeks in Periods 4 and 5 alternate according to the position of Easter.

Prices and Practical

The course runs from September to June, operates full-time from Monday to Thursday with an average of 20 hours of teaching per week. The education is ‘live’ and we stress practical exposure to audiences and a realistic approach to being an actor. During your time at the school you will participate in at least 3 films and perform a minimum of 6 times for audiences.
The courses are taught in English, at times alongside 1st year students from the 3-year education program.

Our facilities include multiple studios, a café and ‘Black Stage’, a fully functional theatre. We are situated in the heart of Nørrebro, which is an area recognized as one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods, with a strong connection to the Danish and International film and theatre industry.

Duration and cost
The course runs from September to June, operates full-time from Monday to Thursday with an average of 20 hours of teaching per week for 33 weeks.
The teaching happens mainly during the daytime, from 10-15 at the school. All extra times for performances and rehearsals will be given on admission to the program.
Cost: 7320 Eur. payable as a whole or installments.

How to apply?
To apply for the course you apply via Recorded audition og a audition in Copenhagen.. Following the link to sign up.
Audition are free of charge.

Important information
Important information: The Danish state has tightened the rules for non-EU-citizens, so as a private school we cannot help with permissions to be in Denmark and the practicalities surrounding this.

living in Copenhagen.
The school has a collaboration with private landlords and has access to a limited number of rental rooms. So if you can’t find a place to live, the school can in most cases provide a (at least) temporary place to live.