3-year Professional Acting Program

Learn more about our 3-year education for professional acting


(Our 3-year course is primarily taught in Danish. One have to be able to talk and understand Danish to participate.)

Our 3-year education is for those who desire to work as a professional actor in film and theatre. Throughout the 3 years, this education systematically expands the student’s talent, abilities, and awareness of career building. Our goal is for the student to obtain a greater stage presence and depth in the characters they create.

The students are offered classes in the following subjects: camera technique, improvisation, dance, physical theatre, stage fighting and stunt work, audition training, voice training, singing, musical theatre and cabaret, text comprehension, public speaking, and personal coaching. All of our teachers are experienced professionals who are active in the industry.

The KFTS perspective is that of the four primary acting theories, a student cannot focus on one and one alone. We believe that an acting school must provide students with as many tools as possible. At the end of our education, students can sort through and decide which tools work for them and which ones they want to leave behind, thereby making their expression personal and authentic.

Even though the education is a full 3 years, students do have the option to attend only the first year, so they can sample the reality of the work required as an actor. If the student realises that a career as an actor is not what they want for their life, they can simply move on from the school with the strength of that personal realisation, as well as a new skill set that can be useful in many different aspects of life.


Our unique Life Coaching program is an integrated part of the teaching. And our combination of performance training and life coaching is a wonderfully innovative approach to the training of future actors, making it possible to achieve greater artistic and personal progress, and get the most out of the education.

Coaching is provided by experienced and accredited life coaches affiliated with the school.


The Assessment and evaluation of both the student by the school and the school by the student are integral parts of the KFTS process.

The students are encouraged to place their own experiences and practice at the heart of their studies and after each module each teacher gives an assessment of the student and the degree to which they have achieved or not achieved the learning outcome. In this way the student blends the subject with the objective knowledge.

The assessment methods include presentations, practice, drama workshops, research projects, traditional essays, a dissertation and professional placement work, which is assessed by professionals working in the industry.

At the end of the year the students are invited to give feedback as to the operation of the school in terms of the quality of its modules and teaching, practical running of the school and administration.

The First Year

The first year is divided into seven modules spread over two semesters. This gives the student a broad insight into the subject and into a potential life as an actor. The focus here is on the development of a strong body, voice, and self-awareness.

The first year is inspiring and uncompromising, from class presentations and the non-stop, six-hour show that is KFTS’ annual collaboration with Culture Night, to the final showcase presentation during CPH STAGE. You will also have the the opportunity for short internships in local theatres and in organizations within the film and theater world.


  • Dance, body, and movement
  • Stage fighting/stunt work, clowning, and cabaret
  • Voice, song, and text comprehension
  • Modern Acting, for performing on stage and in front of the camera
  • Creativity and planning(*?)
  • Life Coaching
  • Theatre and film history

The coaching process is centered around the student as an individual and as a part of the group. It enables you to look ahead, practice self-awareness, and realize your potential.

The Second Year

The second year consists of six modules and provides a deeper and more thorough study of acting in film and theatre. The student will delve into the Greek classics, Shakespeare, Postdramatic theatre, and modern European and Danish drama. The voice, body, and capacity as an actor are brought into harmony, and the skill of adapting the creative approach to the requirements of text or the role is developed.

At the end of the second year the students will create a film production and a theater production. Both are open to the public, the industry, and the press. External examiners will be in the audience for both productions and give individual grades. Grades are given in accordance with the Danish teaching system’s 7-point grading scale.

In the second year, a great deal of emphasis is placed on production. This means that the student will follow the entire process of how  performances are selected, rehearsed, produced, and eventually performed.


  • Classical theater
  • Modern theater and film
  • Extended dance, body and movement
  • Behind the scenes: course in writing, light and sound technique
  • Theater and film history

The coaching becomes more specific and tailored to the needs of the student through regular discussions, which strengthen the personal connection to the self, to the group, and to the acting profession.

The Third Year

The final year is focused on channeling the natural artistic quality of the student towards the best possible experience of a career. A career where they are confident, informed, and where they are a well-trained actor; ready to step into the most demanding roles in both theatre and film. All of the elements are combined: The student’s skills, passion, and their sense for business. The student receives detailed training in how to seek funding and resources for independent projects and in networking.

In these final two semesters, the student will participate in a final film production and final theatre production, both of which are open to the public, the industry, and the press. External examiners, one from the film industry and one from the theatre industry, will be in the audience for both productions, and grade the students individually. Grades are given in alignment with the Danish 7-point grading scale.

Finally, there will be a diploma ceremony and gala.


  • The actor’s own work
  • Graduating film production
  • Graduating theatre production
  • Essay in theatre and film history
  • Networking, finance, and career

The final year of coaching is exclusively individual. You will meet with the staff members of the school, who advise and work with the student on future opportunities within film and theatre.

Prices and Practical

The 3-year education is for adults interested in studying acting at a professional level. It therefore means a minimum age of 18 years.

The education is considered to be a full-time study, where we emphasize practical exposure to an audience and a realistic approach to being an actor. During the 3 years at the school, you will participate in multiple films and multiple performances in front of a live audience.

The semesters are as follows:
The modules in the 1st year are taught in English and are together with students from our International Diploma for Speech and Drama line.
The 2nd year and the 3rd year are taught primarily in Danish.

The course starts in September and ends in June, and is from Monday to Thursday with an average of 20 hours of teaching per week in resp. 33 weeks.
The teaching takes place primarily during the day, from 10.00-15.00 at the school.

All extra times regarding performances, rehearsal periods, study trips, etc. are handed out upon admission to the school.

The teaching usually takes place on our own premises in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Each year costs 7320 Eur.

Please note that this education is not eligible for government supported “SU”.

You must pass an entrance exam.

We have no requirements for experience or education, but you must be mentally and physically healthy. All forms of medication and disorders must be reported to the school in connection with the entrance examination.

Registration for entrance exam
To participate in the entrance exam, you must fill out our application form. You will then receive additional information by email.

There is an exam fee of 40 euros per audition (also per Recorded Audition).
We recommend that you pay the exam fee immediately.

It is possible to apply via Recorded Audition should you not be able to show up physically. In order to do so, you much select ‘Recorded Audition’ in the application form. You will then receive further information after submission.