Life Coaching

Our unique coaching is the cornerstone of our training


We are immensely proud of this feature of KFTS. We consider our Life Coaching program a crucial element in making the acting course a 360-degree education the acting course, and we have found that there are three concrete areas in the student’s life and further career that benefit from this class.

Ability to learn
We want the student to cultivate their curiosity; to increase their capacity to absorb the material; to experiment with failures and successes, because it takes strength to learn through imperfections; and to self-evaluate their progress with honesty and integrity. Our goal is to give the students the best chances for success in their education. The better the student is at learning, the stronger their performance skillset will be when they graduate.

Professionalism as a coworker
To work as an actor is to work as if self-employed. When our students eventually enter the arts milieu, we want them to understand what is expected of them. Our goal is for them to be aware of their blockages and blind spots, and to guide them in letting go of anything that might prevent them from being reliable, being on time, or being respectful of the theatre space or the film crew. We want our students to be aware of themselves as professional actors, who are able to do the work.

Mental health
Our collective mental health, particularly of the younger generations, is at a critical juncture. Pursuing a career in the arts requires the ability to juggle many practical skills, as well as, the skill of acting (skills which we also teach at the school, see ‘Cultural and Artistic Entrepreneurship’). Our goal is to show you how to build a strong habit of healthy mental choices, which will allow you to thrive in the arts. We deliver concrete, uncomplicated methods for dealing with the everyday experiences of an actor, and the opportunities to practice them as students at our school. We want them to be able to hold their own against the more toxic elements of the industry. We want our students to know how to set boundaries in a way that protects their energy, and protects the joy that performing brings them.

Bodyweather is a methodology that connects one’s body more thoroughly to one’s mind through verbal discussion, physical drills, and sensory exercises. The training develops a strong kinaesthetic capacity, and strong mental discipline. It was developed by Japanese dancer and actor Min Tanaka.

Our Life Coaching program, the only one of its kind in an acting school, is designed to work interdependently with the acting course, and its purpose is to build the confidence, reliability, and the practical skills necessary to step into the unusual professional environment that is the arts industry.

In this way the KFTS Life-Coaching Method is the cornerstone of the students artistic integrity, curiosity, and self-confidence. It is composed of four different approaches to coaching.

Contemporary Life Coaching
This approach has grown out of decades of research in social psychology, clinical psychology, and professional coaching. Through the simple and safe application of self-awareness and development exercises, the student gains clear access to their wishes and life direction. Click here for further information on life coaching.

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP is utilised in our program to examine how an actor can use language to create a personal awareness and greater imaginative power. Through the application of NLP, we discuss thoughts, language, and patterns of behaviour that match the actors aims and goals. Click here for further information on NLP.

The Socratic Method
The Socratic Method is taught as cooperative argumentative dialogue between teachers and individuals, asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking. The aim is to discover ideas and underlying presuppositions within acting and performance. Click here for further information on the Socratic Method.