Learn classical and contemporary acting techniques


We identify four main acting theories. The Stanislavski System, the Strasberg Method, Meisner Technique, and Devising.

These schools of acting have been developed over decades, by the experts who invented and perfected them, with a rich and textured history to look back on. At KFTS, our commitment is to be as faithful as possible to these long established cornerstones of acting.

All the teachers we employ are recommended by the various schools that specialise within the technique. We refute the personal interpretations of individual teachers and their unfounded, untested addendums, to these classic approaches.

By staying true to the integrity of these ideas, as they are understood by the entirety of the acting community, our goal is that our graduates are able to participate in any discussion of acting theory with their peers, and to be able to sign up to any masterclass in their preferred approach, around the world.

We complement the teaching of the four main acting theories with our other classes such as dance, Butoh, yoga, physical theatre, stage fighting, guest speakers, film and theatre history, arts management, and the KFTS Life Coaching program.

Considering the ever changing milieu of theatre and film, it is important for an actor to embrace flexibility whilst simultaneously developing a solid base for their talent and their artistry. The student learns an openness and authenticity to the expression of their body, their voice, and their creativity.

Our goal is for our graduates to leave the school with the skills necessary to build their craft as an actor. Our first year is a year of self-discovery and experimentation, our second year is focused on the consolidation of their skills, and our final year belongs to productions, arts management, and showcases.

Throughout their years at the school, our students acquire the ability to transform within different theatrical styles, genres, and directors approaches. The course facilitates the actor taking hold of their personal power and understanding personal branding, in order to achieve in their career in the industry.

KFTS is unique among film and theatre schools, in that it offers a personal Life Coaching program and an Arts Management course, as an integral part of the teaching.

The purpose of the Life Coaching program is to help the students let go of the mental blockages that might impede their ability to learn. At KFTS, we believe that strong mental health is often a habit that can be learned, and strong mental health is the key to learning and maintaining strength as an artist. Within this approach, we prioritize the safety and sharing of the creative space.

The purpose of the Arts Management course is simply to teach the student how to be self-employed. They are taught to network, find an agent, produce self-tapes, produce their projects and find funding for their ideas, and to create a successful brand for themselves as a whole. They are taught to be responsible for their availability to the opportunities that will present themselves in their career, that they need to be ready to take hold of. In short, they are the generator of the power of their career.

With this whole approach, our goal is to guide our students to their unique strengths as artists. We teach them the respected and established acting theories, which allows them to understand the craft as educated professionals. We complement this acting training by teaching the students the practical tools required to build and maintain their acting career with authenticity and self-confidence. This allows them to bring to the world the artistic perspective that is theirs and theirs alone, that only they can share with the rest of us.