Our ambassadors are artists and producers of the highest quality, who regularly teach or lecture at the school. They contribute in no small way to the success of KFTS. As the oldest and only full-time private acting education besides the State school educations KFTS constantly seeks to maintain relevance and connection to the film and theatre industry itself.

Our Ambassadors give a ‘real-life’ hands on feel of what it really means to work as an actor.

Andrea Vagn Jensen

The Andrea Vagn Jensen was trained at Aarhus Theater School from 1986 to 1990. Since her graduation she has worked as a celebrated actress both in Denmark and abroad and is probably best known for her role in the series, ‘Strisser på Samsø’.

Charlotte Munck

Charlotte Munck was trained at Odense Teater acting school and graduated in 1988. Since then Charlotte Munck, has been indispensable in Denmark as both an actor and teacher.
She is best known for her role as Anna Phil but feels at home on stage just as much as on screen.

Anja Owe

Anja Owe was trained at Statens Theater School and made her debut in the film “Soldaterkammater på bjørnendjeneste”. She is most known for her role as the maid Jørgine in the TV series “Bryggeren” from 1996. Anja is one of the few accredited Suzuki technique teachers in Denmark.

Sarah Kenter

Sarah Kenter is a Coach and theatre teacher. She founded the theater ensemble FELT in 2014, and has since directed actors such as Sebastian Jessen, Laura Drasbæk, Charlotte Munch, Cyron Melville and Peter Gantzler, in her own method known as ‘Improvisation Field Technique’.

Morten Elbæk

Morten Elbæk is a Coach and Teamleader within creative job coaching. He has been with Artlab from the very beginning in 1997, and thus has close to 30 years of experience as a project manager, coach and teacher in career planning.